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J D Roberts

J. D. Roberts

J. D. Roberts was born in 1947 and died on Sept. 29, 1969 in Leavenworth, KS.
He played bass drum, cymbals and other percussion instruments in the marching and concert bands at Valley High School where he graduated in 1965.  He also ran cross-country and participated in Latin, Tennis, Science and Ski clubs. After graduation, he was enrolled at New Mexico Tech in Socorro. After two semesters, he joined the Army and went to Vietnam as a Green Beret.  After returning to the US, he died in Kansas and is buried in Albuquerque. To quote a friend “If you don’t remember him, the picture on Page 40 of the yearbook, shining his band shoes at the hotel in Los Angeles (CA) for the Rose Bowl Parade, is quintessential J. D.”

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